Friday, February 1, 2013

Contradictions and Hidden Motivations

At the very moment when the Democratic Party President Barack Obama reiterated in his inaugural address that the United States “must be a source of hope for the poor” and will “support democracy from Asia to Africa,” giant U.S. C-17 aircraft were carrying French troops into Mali, where Washington a year before had put in power Captain Sanogo, trained in the U.S. by the Pentagon and CIA, exacerbating Mali’s internal conflicts.
The speed with which France launched the operation, ostensibly to protect the Mali from the advance of Islamic rebels, shows that it had long since been planned by France’s Socialist Party President Francois Hollande. The immediate cooperation of the United States and the European Union, which also decided to send military specialists to Mali to carry out training and command functions, shows that it was planned jointly with Washington, Paris, London and other capitals.
The Western powers, whose multinational corporations vie with each other to grab markets and sources of raw materials, come together when their common interests are at stake, such as those in Africa endangered by popular uprisings and Chinese competition.

Source: Global Research
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