Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Medicine is Now

Let your present experience become the most fascinating thing in all the universe.

Whatever is arising in this moment - whether it's confusion, fear, anger, pain, or just a sense of not knowing which path to take - let that very movement be captivating, enthralling - let it fill all space with its essence. Allow it in completely and don't judge its existence, whatever it is. 

And if you can't allow it in, if there is a struggle to allow, wonderful! - allow that too. Allow the non-allowing. Accept your inability to accept a single damn thing. Let even that be fascinating, as it was when you were a little baby.

Let the whirlpool of this moment become a stream, and let the stream become a raging river, and let the river flow into the ocean, and realize that the very thing you were fighting against was not separate from that vast intelligence we call Life. It was only an intelligent cry for complete attention. Water (consciousness) can take any form - whirlpools, lakes, canals, rivers, oceans - for it is all there is. Resistance is futile, when you are everything.

Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Now is the only path. The wound contains all the medicine. This is love beyond the speaking of it.

Jeff Foster