Friday, November 23, 2012

Healing the Heart of Conflict

Rabbi and international mediator Marc Gopin presents an 8-step process-based on great religious traditions, philosophy, and psychology-for healing even the most destructive, and seemingly intractable, conflicts.

For more than 20 years Marc Gopin has sought to resolve bitter disputes in a variety of domestic and international settings. What he has learned-working for peace in sticky world trouble spots such as the Middle East and Northern Ireland, or helping his congregants through the business and personal conflicts that can destroy lives-is that some conflicts, rooted in the deepest, most primal emotions, cannot be solved by "rational" discussion and negotiation. Instead the answer lies along a path of self-examination and spiritual growth.

In his new book, Marc Gopin details a process that will help people free themselves from the soul-poisoning effects of destructive conflict. The 8 steps he describes teach us how to: examine our inner lives so that our character becomes a true ally of healing; pay close attention to the power of our emotions and those of others in conflict; understand the dynamics of what is really going on in difficult situations; truly listen to others in new ways; view troubled relationships from a fresh perspective; imagine creative possibilities that no one dared see; take powerful action that completely transforms hopeless situations; and speak in a way that uses the power of the word not to injure but to heal and create new realities.

Serious and profound, beautifully written and sorely needed, this book can lead anyone to a healing of the heart that works equally well in the family, professional, and geopolitical spheres.

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