Friday, September 13, 2013

Guiding Beliefs on Male Spirituality

•   A deepening soul life includes personal and shared spiritual practices, embodiment and solitude in the natural world.
•   Men are profoundly spiritual people that express their serious and mature spirituality in personal and corporate ways, including meditation, mentoring, shared endeavor and fellowship.
•   Spiritual maturity embraces tragic optimism and playful seriousness.
•   Beyond formal teaching, men mentor one another by example and energy.
•   Older and younger men have profound gifts for one another; intergenerational community is essential for the wellbeing of the generations.
•   Men’s spiritual experience and grounding in any faith tradition can contribute to peace and healing in our world.
•   An integrated approach to men’s work includes the best from spiritual traditions and the best from contemporary psychology, anthropology, and theology.
•   In a universal message of love and faith that transcends the boundaries of race, nation, culture, gender, economics/class, politics, sexual orientation and religious differences.
•   Men must seek honest mutuality in their relationships with women in thought, word and deed.
•   Men must recognize and critique their own power with regard to women, minorities and the poor, and use their power for justice in the world.
•   There is a need for collaborating with like-minded groups and other faith traditions.

Richard Rohr