Thursday, July 24, 2014


Be careful what you say after "I Am". Those two tiny words contain powerful magic.

Language tries to fix you in time and space, pressing PAUSE on the ever-changing dance that you naturally are. In reality, who you truly are can't be fixed or defined, for you are alive and dynamic and resist all attempts at capture.

For example: "I am sad"? No. A wave of sadness is arising in the vast ocean that you are, an ocean that cannot be defined by either 'happy' or 'sad' or anything in-between, but allows all those feelings to come and go.

You are not sad - sadness comes and goes in you. You'll find no sad person, no sad entity, no sad 'thing', no sad 'me', only the energy of sadness arising presently, energy that will dissipate, especially as it is allowed to move.

You are not sad - you are the home for sadness in this moment. You are not angry - you are the capacity for anger right now. You are not enlightened, ignorant, successful, or a waste of space - you are all of this, and none of it. You are infinite potential realising itself in this instant, and at no other time.

Use your magic wisely. Don't turn yourself into stone.

Jeff Foster