Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Deep Mirror of One's Own Reflection

The beauty of the true ideal is its hospitality towards woundedness, weakness, failure and fall-back.

Yet so many people are infected with the virus of perfection. They cannot rest; they allow themselves no ease until they come close to the cleansed domain of perfection. This false notion of perfection does damage and puts their lives under great strain.

It is a wonderful day in a life when one is finally able to stand before the long, deep mirror of one's own reflection and view oneself with appreciation, acceptance, and forgiveness. On that day one breaks through the falsity of images and expectations which have blinded one's spirit.

One can only learn to see who one is when one learns to view oneself with the most intimate and forgiving compassion.”

John O'Donohue,

Art: Rachel Christine Nowicki