Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ecological Intelligence

"Ecological intelligence allows us to comprehend systems in all their complexity, as well as the interplay between the natural and man-made worlds. But that understanding demands a vast store of knowledge, one so huge that no single brain can store it all. Each one of us needs the help of others to navigate the complexities of ecological intelligence. We need to collaborate."   — Daniel Goleman
It is more important than ever to recognize and understand the countless ways that human and natural systems interact, and the effects of that interaction on people and the environment.
In Ecological Intelligence, internationally known psychologist and author Daniel Goleman argues that modern technologies, a globalized economy, and complex webs of relationships present new challenges that require new skills. Goleman describes how what we don't know can hurt us and discusses the difficulty of discovering the impacts of the products we use and the decisions we make. He explores emerging techniques and approaches for improving our collective knowledge and becoming more mindful and effective consumers and citizens.
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