Friday, August 22, 2014

Your nature is not manipulation, but presence

'Window to the true source of healing' (Yago, Dublin 2012)

Perhaps it's time to stop trying to 'fix' the one in front of you, to stop trying to give them answers or solve their problems. You're not very good at that, friend. Your nature is not manipulation, but presence; not division, but wholeness.

 Perhaps it's time to stop pretending to be the all-knowing authority, the infallible teacher, the healed expert. 

Even with the best of intentions, you may unknowingly be interfering with their natural healing processes. You may be keeping them dependent on you, distracting them from a deep trust in their own first-hand experience. 

Remember, they may need to feel worse before they feel better. They may need to feel their pain more deeply before they open up to the true source of healing. They may need to die to who they thought they were, before they can truly live. True for them, true for you. 

It's certainly something to consider.


Jeff Foster