Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Suffering is Intelligent

Are you sick of your constant psychological war with life? Bored with pretending to be something that you're not? Exhausted from your struggle to escape the present moment? Tired of chasing altered states and better and better experiences? Burnt out from trying to be 'spiritual', 'perfect', 'enlightened', 'happy', 'good' or 'right' all the time? Exhausted from your efforts to prove yourself in the world? Tired of being a 'person' altogether?

Depressed? Confused? Disillusioned? In despair? Broken hearted? Suicidal? Desperate to be free from the burden of 'me and my life story'? Tired of all the questions?

Wonderful! Your struggle is not an enemy, a fault or a cosmic punishment - it is deeply intelligent guidance, a creative wake-up call, a misunderstood cosmic signpost attempting to point you to the profound non-dual truth of who you really are beyond your myth of yourself - already free, radically alive, and beyond all struggle.

You are now ready to discover something that goes beyond seeking and striving and succeeding in the world, something that goes beyond your identification as a separate 'me'.

You've come to the right place, friend. Your imperfection is welcome here. Your doubts are deeply cherished. Even your pain is loveable. Now let's discover, together, underneath all the mess and disappointment of this bittersweet human existence, your timeless perfection, your cosmic birthright, your Home: This sacred moment, never-to-be-repeated.

Everything that you believe is wrong with you is absolutely right from the perspective of the universe. Everything that happens in your life - including the suffering and the endless seeking - is your unique invitation to awaken from the dream of tomorrow, and profoundly embrace what is here today.

There are no mistakes when even mistakes are cherished.

Jeff Foster