Monday, December 23, 2013

Our Home

I love being in the present moment. It is my true Home.

It's the only place where I ever am. I have known the passing of thought and emotion, the arising and dissolving of states and experiences both ecstatic and mundane, but never the passing of myself, that which never passes as everything passes. And so anywhere other than Now feels like homesickness and disconnection, death and decay. "Anywhere else" is a fantasy, anyway, for I cannot split myself from myself and say "there I am!".

Any thought, sensation, feeling, image, memory, dream, vision, has always appeared right here, where I am, where you are, the only place we truly 'meet'. But we are not two, and so we cannot 'meet - we can only recognise our original intimacy prior to time. Beyond our stories, beyond our histories and future plans, this is place where we can never be apart. Our origin, our destination. Our resting place. Our birth, our death. Our Home.

Jeff Foster