Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Being Trapped Inside the False Masculine

As a celibate male religious I can make little sense of my state, unless I find some way to awaken and love my own inner feminine soul. Without it, I am merely a self-centered bachelor, a would-be creator, a dried-up root. A man without his feminine soul is easily described. His personality will move toward the outer superficial world and his head will be his control tower. He will build, explain, use, fix, manipulate, legislate, order and play with whatever he bothers to touch, but will not really touch it at all.  For he does not know the inside of things.
In fact, he is afraid of it and that is why the control tower of reason and pseudo-control works overtime.  It is the only way he can give himself a sense of security and significance.  He is trapped in part of the picture,  which is dangerous precisely because he thinks it is the whole picture. He is trapped inside the false masculine.  Corporately, this has become the myth of Western civilization. It is largely written by men who have controlled the power, the money, the corporations, the church, the military, the morality books. What we call reality and are almost totally addicted to is largely a construct of men who have frankly never worked on their inner lives. They have not gone inside, they have not learned trust, vulnerability, prayer or poetry. They, and the civilization we have inherited from them, are in great part unwhole or even sick.
Until males and cooperating females recognize this unwholeness, this anti-Christianity posing as reality, we have no hope of loving the full Christ. We will in fact be threatened by his wholeness and replace (as we generally have) a daring religious faith with little schemes for salvation. Basically, this is a transfer of the business world of win / achieve / prove / success / control to the realm of the Spirit. And it just doesn’t work. God knows, we have tried for enough centuries!  There must be a better way.  And there is. It’s called conversion.
Conversion to what? Conversion to what we might call the no-me.

Richard Rohr