Monday, May 13, 2013

Servant Leadership in Peacebuilding

Painting: Yago Abeledo

The peacebuilder is a man of service.
Just like the sun, he radiates service and availability, exuberance and generosity.
The peacebuilder is prominent .
He serves, he gives
Time, Money, Resources, Knowledge, Being.
He shares what he knows best
Because serving is all that is his.
Everything emerges from oneness.
From the centre burgeons variety, chaos, stillness.
As the centre is the heart of multiple intelligences,
 Different identities that we must embrace and make ours. We are rich with our different selves
Which strengthen us while empowering others
And nurtures the dimensions of who we are,
The different poles that make the peacebuilder
A natural servant.
A servant for all of Nas,
The Nas of Mankind.

Wore Ndiaye