Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bringing two Minds to our Experience

“The symbol is a material representation of immaterial qualities and functions. It is an objectification of things subjective in us and subliminal in nature, awakening us to a perception of the world, which may make us aware of a knowledge contained in our soul.”

Peace Symbol
We bring 2 minds to our experience - the analytical , objective (left brain) and the analogical, imaginative, subjective (right brain). In earlier times, the analogical or subjective brain was predominantly employed. Communication came through story and symbolic image.

Hieroglyphic writing, that is, symbols and images, prompt us to “think” by expanding the implications of the image, rather than constructing an image concept based on components, such as letters together create words. Images evoke within the viewer a whole complex of abstract, intuitive notions or states of being—qualities, associations and relationships which cannot be described or defined but only experienced, similarly to the way we experience music and, of course, art.

~Robert Lawler and RA Schwaller de Lubicz