Saturday, November 10, 2012

Prayer in Fighting Slavery

We cannot faithfully claim to be following in the footsteps of our Founder without making prayer part and parcel of our efforts in fighting slavery in whatever form it manifests itself today. He considered prayer in general and public prayer in particular as an indispensable means for achieving the goal of his campaign. Thus he addressed the Christians in Algiers in these words: "I have already pleaded in Europe; but today it is neither the help of arms nor that of charity that I ask from you as I did before; it is a more important help, that I, as Bishop, ask of Catholics: it is the help of prayer."[1] This is a means at the reach of everybody and excludes none: children, young, old, sick or in good health. However, prayer too has to go hand in hand with our concrete efforts in combating modern slavery.

Nnyombi Richard, M. Afr.

[1] Cardinal Lavigerie, Algiers, Good Friday, 19th April 1889.