Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Human Trafficking…. 21st Century Slaves-the silent epidemic... Our Story-our Challenge

Human trafficking contaminates us all and is in need of a radical conversion. Fides states, “400 million children around the world live in conditions of slavery” (...)
Our whole way of life and ways of relating are being challenged. Human Trafficking is around us and in us…that insistent silent scream….the voices of persons not able to defend themselves. Can we hear this cry this evening here in the Gesù?  Where  Cardinal Lavigerie spoke 125 years ago. Can we bear to hear and feel this pain...Remember that during the 80’s alone, more women and children were enslaved by trafficking from Asia that all the people sold into slavery from Africa in 400 years of the Slave trade. We, as a Church need to be involved … where and when it happens. In Europe much is being done but Africa needs help and justice in order to be able to provide a stable economy where all can benefit (...)
Human trafficking has become a never ending task and we need Prevention, Protection, Prosecution and Policies to put in place a holistic approach without there will be no progress in this process. 

Maggi Kennedy, MSOLA