Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chaos, like the air we breath

Chaos, like the air we breath, is an existential element of what we do and who we are. It is the matrix for the roles we play within the universe story, evoking improvisational twists in our ever-evolving lives. We have been conditioned to seek equilibrium and eliminate disorder. Chaos tips the balance toward the things we would avoid. Internalized attitudes tell us that chaos is our enemy, reiterating  a past paradigm that can no longer support us in the world in which we live.
In a quantum universe, we have to make friends with chaos. As the world becomes more and more complex, and unpredictable, as global interactions intensify and technology entices us to take on more that we can manage, we will meet chaos at every turn. We must learn to live with it.

Miriam Therese Winter,
from Paradoxology. Spirituality in a Quantum Universe